I hope this blog gives you The Real View from Real People.  Not, the insufferable Hollywood antagonists that are constantly trying to get their names in the headlines because it is the only way they have of staying relevant. Or, the biased media personalities that twist, change, or make up the headlines. Or, the Sore Loser Democrats that just can’t come to grips with losing the election.  YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!  I will keep it REAL from the REAL world.

As a mother of two adult children and grandmother of three I had my own reasons for wanting to see change in America.  We were heading down a path that was going to leave us with NO America.

Yes, America is called the Melting Pot for a reason.  We are made of  different nationalities, races, and religions.  This is what makes America great.  But, at this time the world is very volatile and we need to be more careful about who is coming to our country. The safety of our children and the safety of our way of life is in danger.

I want to see my children and grandchildren have the same opportunities that I had in my life.  If our America becomes a place that we are afraid to let our children go to school, to church, to an amusement park, a festival, or a theater, how is it FREE any longer.  We will be held hostage by extremist in our own country, just like in Europe.  I want good educations and a future for my family.  I see our freedom fast eroding if we don’t become more diligent and careful.  We need to close the gates until we know who is coming here and that they are coming for a brighter future, not to destroy ours.

The Democrats are all for opening the gates and saying “Come on in, we welcome you with open arms.”  They don’t care about our freedom, they don’t care about our safety, and they don’t care about our children.  They have made it clear that they care more about immigrants and illegals than they do their own constituents. All they care about is their party and that they aren’t in power at the moment.  They would rather see our country falter than lose.  How unpatriotic is that?!  I thought being elected to Congress or the Senate meant you were supposed to care about America and EVERYONE in it!  They want to live in La La Land and think that everyone can live together in harmony and dance through the fields to the tune of “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” while the REAL working people are footing the bill.

Well, the REAL people have spoken and we say NO MORE.  We voted for safety, good educations, good jobs, good health care, a respect for the law, and for people to start learning how to take care of themselves instead of depending on the government and taxpayers.

Be bold and stand up for what is right!


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